[InfoQ] Containers in 2019: They're Calling it a [Hypervisor] Comeback

An article published in InfoQ on the marriage of hypervisor isolation with container technology.

[InfoQ] Containers in 2019: They're Calling it a [Hypervisor] Comeback

My recent InfoQ article covering the topic of containers and hypervisor technology combinations including Kata containers, AWS Firecracker, and enablement projects like Weaveworks Ignite and Firekube.

[IBM Developer] Podcast: A Discussion with Liz Rice on Containers, Open Source, Security, and...Cycling

A podcast discussion with Liz Rice, Aqua Security and CNCF TOC chair, on containers, Kubernetes, open source, and even a bit about cycling!

[IBM Developer] containerd just graduated in the CNCF! What does that mean for developers who use it?

A blog post (and embedded video interview) about containerd's CNCF graduation and the use of containerd in IBM Cloud Kubernetes service.

[InfoQ] Who Is Running My Kubernetes Pod? The Past, Present, and Future of Container Runtimes

An article published in InfoQ on the history, current status, and future of container runtimes for Kubernetes.

containerd Graduates in the CNCF!

My recent blog post covering the CNCF announcement of containerd’s graduation milestone.


A personal Golang project used to measure and compare container runtime performance of common offerings, from CRI implementations to Docker, containerd, and runc. Used and contributed to by several vendors utilizing the project.

Manifest Tool

A personal Golang project used to create multi-platform capable images in Docker v2-compliant registries. Used by many projects to offer multi-architecture platform support for their containerized software.


A stable and performant core container runtime for the cloud. A graduated maturity project within the CNCF used by Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and many other projects. Phil is a core contributor and maintainer in this open source project.

[IBM Cloud Blog] IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Supports containerd

A blog post about the use of containerd as the CRI runtime in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service.