JAXConf 2019: Keynote


What present day conference wouldn’t have a track on containers and/or microservices? How many sessions would have a significant focus on the use of public, private, or discuss hybrid cloud? (Hint: lots of them). However, in the immortal words of Queen: “Is this the real life” or “is this just fantasy?” While the software industry has a long history of (sometimes over-promised) hype cycles promoting the “next big thing”, we’ll look at how the modern buzzwords of cloud-native are actually bringing measurable improvements to the development and operations disciplines in the enterprise.

In this talk, we’ll specifically look at enterprise examples of how these capabilities are transforming companies both internally and externally. And what about open source? Clearly, everyone is utilizing open source, but what about giving back and prioritizing involvement in upstream communities? We’ll answer these questions and more as we look at containers, cloud, microservices, and open source together!

May 7, 2019 2:15 PM — 2:45 PM
Mainz, Germany
Phil Estes
Phil Estes
Principal Software Engineer

I work on container runtime technology in upstream open source communities on behalf of AWS.