Let's Try Every CRI Runtime Available for Kubernetes. No, Really!


The CRI (container runtime interface) in Kubernetes—designed to abstract the host’s runtime details from the kubelet codebase—has been around for a few years now. CRI implementations beyond the pre-existing Docker engine driver have been appearing for some time now.

As of early 2019, Docker, Virtlet, containerd, cri-o and Sylab’s Singularity project all implement the CRI! If you add in Kata containers and AWS Firecracker, the unique number of CRI combinations is growing rapidly.

How would you decide which CRI implementation is right for you? Clearly each have tradeoffs that are worth understanding whether you are a developer or operator.

We’ll live demo each CRI runtime and summarize the details and why a cluster might choose—or not choose—a particular runtime. It will be a fast-paced but hopefully informational talk for those looking to understand the CRI runtime landscape!

May 23, 2019 2:00 PM — 2:35 PM
Barcelona, Spain
Phil Estes
Phil Estes
Principal Software Engineer

I work on container runtime technology in upstream open source communities on behalf of AWS.